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      National Service Hotline


      Core productsMORE+

      Guchuan  advantage

      The products are of good quality, low cost and complete specifications. The products have reached the international leading level and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with world-famous enterprises

      Enter Guchuan technology

      Huizhou Guchuan Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huizhou, China&amp;#39;s developed manufacturing base. The factory is located in Weisheng Industrial Park, Longxi town. It was founded in September 2018. The company has a total investment ...

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      Cooperation partner

      More than 20 years of precipitation, customers throughout the world more than 150 countries and regions

      • domestic
      • international

      Various customization methods of Guchuan Technology

      All aspects of the industry to meet the needs of customers

      GUCHUAN Technology's various customization methods fully meet the needs of customers in the industry

      • According to the sample mapping design
      • Design and development together with customers
      • Design and process according to the functional requirements
      • Design according to customer's drawing

      National consultation service hotline


      More productscase

      Guchuan technology has successfully provided quality products and services to hundreds of well-known customers

      Journalism core


      Which kinds of motors are commonly used in new energy vehicles? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

      As the power source of new-energy vehicles, the quality of electric motor determines how far the new-energy vehicles can go. In addition, the development of electric vehicles in recent years is like the situation of "sta...

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